5 Tips to Creating More Self Confidence!

Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud

This saying signifies the very essence of self confidence. When one is self confident there is no need to shout it out, dress it up, parade it around, or shine a light on it. It is just there, sitting snugly within you. It pierces through the surface level of the ego and transmits at a higher more intelligent frequency of what lies within; from a place of truth and self awareness. Self confidence, like a muscle, gets stronger the more you work on it; here are 5 cues to rise up from within and create a more self confident you!

  1. Positive focus!

When one highlights all the good stuff it quietens the voice/appearance of all the ‘not so good stuff’. The key thing is to recognise faults and not to dwell on them. Everything exists in polarity, but what you choose to draw into your mind space is up to you. To encourage the positive mind set daily: List at least three things that you like about yourself, have achieved, or are grateful for.

  1. Be courageous.

When one is brave enough to emerge out of comfort zones, it ‘nudges’ one past the limit of fear. All these little steps out of cosy places promote more confidence within. Do something each day that scares you a little. Praise yourself each time you ‘spring out’ and try something new. There is magic in uncertain places!

  1. Trust yourself.

Drown out the external voices and listen to the innermost you. One never needs anyone’s approval, validation or acceptance to just be the best version of oneself. Pay more attention to what comes inherently from within; your own knowledge of self and inner wisdom. Stand bravely and veraciously in your own perfect space and be guided by your own heartbeat!

  1. Never look down, always look up!

One can feel the vibration of self confidence before someone has even uttered a word; it is something that is exuded from that person. Confident body language means a firm handshake, making eye contact and standing tall. Observe your actions and correct where needed. Self confidence is something that is built, so as to strengthen yourself and not let any external factor take you down. And what if it does? You get right back up!

  1. Believe in your own presence and power!

Other people, situations, or circumstances lack the force to disrupt your flow when you truly know who you are and what you stand for. Speaking your truth shows respect to yourself, which inspires others to do the same. Love and value what you bring to the table, knowing that you are an original human being. One grows and evolves through shared experiences, resources, mutual respect, and by courageously living according to one’s own truth.

Self confidence is something that is totally within your hands to build and master; it is a feisty and colourful force that lights you up from the inside to out; helping you to beat down challenges and move past obstacles because you understand and appreciate your own inner strength to overcome. You have your own distinct charm to grace the world with, unlimited in potential and purpose. Keep building yourself up!

Christine is a health and fitness professional with a strong passion for motivating and encouraging people. She has many metaphysical and spiritual interests including astrology, and she believes in a holistic approach to health. Mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical practise is important for a happier and fulfilling life.
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