4 Breakfast Feasts.

Being a foody, for me a good and wholesome breakfast is a good start to love myself, right at the beginning of the day. To be honest, I haven’t been devoid of depression. I found it is good to find ways to avoid whatever pitfalls, a lousy mood being an obvious one. The 4 breakfasts depicted above are not only a feast for the eyes, they are also amazingly simple & scrumptious ánd they are packed with depression dispelling nutrients! Please help yourself to a fresh and fruity start of your day! Learn to celebrate life!

1) Oatmeal porridge.
Warm your milk with a cup of oatmeal and do not forget to stir.
To sweeten, mash 1 or 2 ripe banana’s in your bowl, before adding the warm porridge. (N.B.: Ripe bananas are sweeter and better to digest. The peel shows brown and black spots when the banana is ready to eat.) Top your breakfast off with fresh fruits.
Warm alternative: Instead of ordinary milk use almond milk.
Cold alternatives: When I don’t feel like using milk or when I’ve run out, I blend 2-3 pieces of fruit and add the oatmeal to that! Surprisingly simple and very tasty! Greek yoghurt is nice also!

2) Smoothie.
Load your blender with fruits of your choice, add ½ an avocado and leafy greens like spinach, kale, chard or cabbage. Oatmeal can be added, if you’re not yet ready for greens; it actually gives a rather smooth feel to the mixture. Using frozen fruit is also very commendable!
Here are 14 special mood boosting smoothie-recipes.

3) 2 ingredients-pancakes.
Blend 1 ripe banana with 2 eggs for each person/breakfast. To thicken a little more and add more nutrients, you can try out adding a small handful of oatmeal or muesli to the mixture and blend. Add all kinds of fruits as healthy topping.

4) Learn to make (Banana) Nicecream!
One can make the most astoundingly luscious breakfasts with frozen bananas! There are pictures on Instagram that will make one drool! (#nicecream)
This breakfast, off course, takes some preparation the night before! Slice 4-6 ripe bananas, to make blending them easier, and freeze the chunks overnight.
Blend the frozen banana pieces. To help it along, do not add liquids, adding a ripe banana works far better. To adjust it to your taste you can add all kinds of flavours: dark chocolate, real vanilla, cinnamon, fruits or nuts, which can be done in a last short blend and/or added as a mouth-watering topping.

Take your pick & ENJOY!!

For some more information on nutrients, check the two images below:
good mood food, middle

AntiDepreddive Daily Diet

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