Healthy Pizza

Now that we are trying to make our resolutions stick, it is about time to compliment and pamper ourselves a bit for our effort. Pizza usually scores high on lists of foods people love to eat. Pizza’s can be bought just about everywhere, some are scrumptious, though all are usually heavily laden with calories. This version is full of flavor, healthy ingredients, leaner and very easy to make, hence a good alternative!

Bottom: Cut a ciabatta (Italian bread), pide (Turkish bread, see depicted above) in half lengthwise -horizontally- for 2 bottoms or use a flatbread like pita, naan or roti.

First layer: Mix tomato puree with a mustard you like, equal amounts and stir in some Italian herbs. NB: Putting these ingredients on without stirring, will help you clean your sinuses, when you get a bite with mustard in an air hole (I do not recommend that). A good variation for the bottom layer is hummus; a truly good hummus can even make cheese on top unnecessary (which definitely makes this pizza even leaner).

Second layer: Use your favorite vegetables and slice & dice those how you like it. Recommended are: carrot, zucchini, bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, leek, aubergine, baby corn, spinach. One can make it even easier by blending the vegetables shortly; because the pieces are so tiny, more vegetables will fit on top of the pizza! NB: Make sure tomatoes are not mixed in with all the other vegetables, for than the pizza will become too mooshy. I usually put the tomato slices on top and add some of the vegetables that haven’t been blended.

Top: Use a cheese you like (mozzarella, parmesan, blue stilton, gouda, gorgonzola, etc) and grate that on top.

More varieties per layer are given here.


Put the pizza in the oven at about 225 ‘C / 437 F for about 20 minutes, more if you like a truly crispy brown finish.

Accompany the pizza with a nice side salade and enjoy fully!

I love getting the best out of people, igniting their wish to improve themselves using their own strength as it also pushes me to keep in touch with my own highest aspirations in life. My spiritual journey started when life forced me to 'wake up', with a somewhat uncomfortable reality check. Now, I am in the process of reshaping myself, my life and finding a whole new person along the way together with the meaning that makes it all worthwhile. Join me on the adventure of a lifetime, let’s transform!
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