How to Feed a Vegetarian?

I do get the ‘predicament’ people around me face now: What to make when she comes over? My mom is the most wonderful cook and even she notices stress. I have no trouble with helping out, so eventually it is no hassle at all! Some tips can help too!

Vegetarian food has always been interesting to me. Food in general is interesting and everything that is different in cooking, attracts my attention: How do people substitute then? Yes, indeed vegan and raw food are on my interest list as well. It is lovely to dabble with such recipes every once in a while. Actually, even when I still was carnivorous, it struck me as odd: Why is meat always displayed as the main ingredient, the centre piece? Such doesn’t have to be so in every recipe, right?!

My reason for going vegetarian, from one day to the next, boils down to my body not accepting meat and poultry anymore. Just a wif of meat or fish makes my throat close and my stomach churn. My mind still might say: “YUM!!” though! I have tried several times over the years, the reaction remains the same no matter if I smell grilled chicken, shish kebab or other things I used to like. And I am very grateful it isn’t shifting back.
Just to make it clear: prefab stuff we can buy in the stores: Nó thanks! No wonder people think eating vegetarian is awful: those things usually are indeed!!

What to cook?
Here are some tips for those who would love to know how to deal with cooking vegetarian:

1) Minced meat recipes are very easy:
Just sub the minced meat with (brown) lentils. They are flavourful, earthy and packed with the proteins most non-vegetarians think ‘we’ might be missing in our diet. You can buy these in cans (for instant use) or dried, which requires time soaking and cooking (but are preferred for they have no added preservatives!)
Recipes to think of: pasta, chili sin carne, tacos, oven dishes.

2) There are tremendous amounts of pastas that are vegetarian and scrumptious!:
With mushroom, lentils, cheese, eggs, you name it; those are all wonderful alternatives!

3) A lot of savoury pies with loads of veggies also include eggs and cheese. Though if you are used to meaty ones, try lentils, chickpeas or mushrooms. I can surely recommend nut roast too!

4) Salads are easy too: Add eggs, cheese, all kind of (sprouted) beans, nuts or seeds.

5) Hearty vegetable soups are great too: pumpkin soups, lentil soups, bean soups all contain good nutrition.

6) Some vegetarians do eat fish (please do inquire first!): that could be a simple way to substitute too.

7) When you feel daring, do try and search for some vegan recipes: It will really expand your horizon! No vegetarian will object to a vegan recipe.


To finish off, if you really want recipes?
I love these 26 ideas to cook for your vegetarian partner. Enjoy!

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