What I Learned From Two Kittens (First Month)

I have lived with several zen masters, all of them cats.
~ Eckhart Tolle

Having been brought up with cats, I followed my heart when I moved from living on 13m2 to a semi-detached house: I saw this adorable picture of a tiny calico and was instantly smitten: Meet Luna and Lux. Here is a short list on what they taught me in their first month.

* How much they already do for themselves already

Of course a kitten relies on it’s human for food, water, a clean litter box, love and affection, but grooming, exploring and learning they need little help with. Imagine being 5 and just having your sibling around for halve a day..

*How much there is to discover each day

It is amazing to see them scope around a room, and each time see a difference in where they roam or how they interact with the space and objects. After a month, they still have no preferred place to sleep. They do prefer to be in the same room as me, most time, and definitely near one another.

* To be brave
These two are so couraegous! Venturing outside has them shaking from head to toe, so much tension is going on, but they wánt it so bad.. Each unknown sounds spooks them (seen some awesome high jumps!), but they move on further, smelling, watching, listening. It is so amazing to observe their lust for life!

* How playfull they are
Play is an important part of learning, and they go into it vigorously. No idea what kind of MMA they practice on each other, but anything goes! Luna might be quite lighter than Lux, but she gives her all too!

* To protect ones boundries, but also to share
Any object is theirs, if they put their eyes on it. If the other kitten tries to take it, that is met with growling, fangs out. Though when there is rest in the body, than sharing (even food) is no problem.

* That pleasing others is not very helpful
As I am aware cats love wetfood better than dry food, I had given that too. At the vet I learned their diarrea the first week is normal due to major change of scenery and different food given. Best to give ónly dry food (~easily digested kind) for a while, till all settles in the intestines.

*How easily they trust
It is endearing to see how easily they trust, completely.

*How completely different their characteres are
Luna has no restraints, she is very impulsive. Though she acts before she thinks, she always lands on her feet. Lux watches and waits before he acts, he is definitely more patient. Luna has difficulty sharing, attention and toys: if Lux gets attention from me, or he has a toy, she is in on it within 5 seconds. Lux awaits his turn, and I make sure they both get their a fair share. The only times Lux is (very!) impatient, is when food is served..

* To give your all
When they are sleepy, they really need some time to recover their energy. Their sleep is very deep, they spent it all.. Night Night!



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    Aww..beautifully written and enchanting…thank you x

    • Reply Marleen Lam 8th October 2017 at 6:28 pm

      Thank you, Sue! They are an inspiring source to write about _/\_

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