6 Ways to Serve Kale

Now that it is wintertime, kale is on the menu again! A lovely versatile vegetable which is very high on vitamin K, like all leafy greens. I love raw kale recipes, not only the flavour but also the activity of massaging the tough leaves to soften the texture for a salad and as added bonus reap the benefits of not cooking down anything of nutritional value!


Here are 6 ways to use kale:

  1. green smoothiesKale is awesome in a good old mash (made with normal or sweet potatoes) served with onion gravy and a vegetarian sausage, vegetarian meatballs or a hearty lentil stew.
  2. It is wonderful in green smoothies, <click> image on the left for a bigger image with great recipe idea’s.
  3. Sometimes I add shredded kale to my omelet for breakfast or lunch.
  4. The vegetable is amazing in salads, both savoury or sweet.
  5. Recently I discovered kale is a great addition in pasta’s with a flavour packed cheese (Gouda, Parmesan, Feta or whichever blue cheese one prefers).
  6. Most of all kale is awesome when dried: kale chips are nutrient dense but a healthy variety of crisps! I was very glad to finally have found a recipe without use of a dehydrator: Grokker has a post by Talya Lutzker where she prepares them in the oven! Scrumptious recipe, I adore it! Click on the Grokker image in the side bar to also enjoy them yourself and to discover even more delicious and healthy recipes!



Nutritional information:

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that is absolutely essential in blood clotting, building strong bones, preventing heart disease and also a crucial part of other bodily processes. This ‘forgotten vitamin’ and its benefits are often overlooked. Vitamin K and vitamin D complement and enhance each other’s functioning, a helpful and welcome combination in the darker  days of the year!

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