Top 10 Ways to Serve Broccoli

Broccoli is a very versatile vegetable: use it cooked or uncooked. It is a great source of vitamine A and C. Please do safe the stalks, they are very useful, as you will read in this article!

  1. Normal dish. Basically: potatoes (or rice), vegetables and vegetarian substitute. Instead of gravy, use some vegetable stock. Here is a great recipe from Grokker, simple and healthy.
  2. Pasta. Broccoli is a great vegetable to put into Just about any pasta dish.
  3. Curry. We can use several vegetables in curries, broccoli definitely is among those! (and a good way to add curcuma to your diet that day!).
  4. Salad. Like kale, broccoli makes a great salad! Just add some red onion, a handful of raisins, a handful of almonds (or other nuts, like cashew or walnuts; seeds or chick peas), red bell pepper and add a homemade avocado-mayonnaise or lean vinaigrette!
  5. Quiche or vegetable pie. Vegetable pies and quiches are great ways to use left-over greens and still treat ourselves to a flavourful, nutritious and tasty dinner! Here is another great (family friendly!) Grokker-recipe.
  6. Snack. Just the florets or the stalk (without the barky layer) is great to munch in between; along with some cherry tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, celery, bell pepper slices.
  7. Soup. Again this can be a great means to use left-over stalks, in a vegetable soup or just a (blended) broccoli soup; Find a highly alkalizing Grokker-recipe here! Sometimes when I’ve made too much soup, I add pasta the next day: plenty of sauce then!
  8. Pizza topping. Small broccoli-florets are a great ingredient to add to any pizza: mushroom, cheese, garlic, pesto, tomato.
  9. Pizza Crust. Like cauliflower crusts, we can easily use broccoli to form a healthy base for a pizza.
  10. Spiralized. It is easy to cut down on carbs here and there, by substituting normal pasta by vegetable pastas, like spiralized broccoli! Also great in stir fry or raw in a salad.

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