The Ultimate Goals Program

Title: The Ultimate Goals Program: How to Get Everything You Want- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Author: Brian Tracy

Year: 2007

Publisher:  Nightingale-Conant

Pros and Cons


  • Inspiring and realistic at the same time
  • Helps you understand the true benefit of investing energy in yourself and your future
  • Includes practical ideas you can apply immediately
  • Discusses countless ways on why and how to fulfil your potential
  • Solid, reliable, stacked with proven valuable studies, anecdotes and supported by scientific research
  • No matter what stage of life or development you’re at the moment, this program can help you rebuild your confidence and increase your courage, overcome fear and procrastination and enable you to use more of your native, unlimited focus and capacity


  • If you’ve heard Brian Tracy’s previous work, some of this might feel a bit repetitive, however there is a LOT of fresh material included here
  • If you don’t want to improve your intelligence, levels of satisfaction and fulfilment, health, finances and relationships or anything else about yourself or your life -don’t listen to this program as it will challenge your comfort zone and ask you tough questions!


The title says it well, Brian Tracy has compiled all his knowledge and teachings on this most important yet surprisingly still untaught subject of goals. From multiple angles of Brian uses countless reliable sources of research and examples of successful people to bring the topic to life.

This concise program is packed with ideas and practical action steps clearly aiming to help anyone set and achieve his or her innermost dreams and desires.  The need for learning how to formulate clear cut goals is emphasised as a goal not ‘seen’, can’t be reached.


Our ability to set and achieve goals will determine our success and happiness more than any other skill. The Ultimate Goals Program: How to Get Everything You Want- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible is probably the most complete, effective and stimulating goals-setting and goal-achieving program ever created.

In this inspiring and compelling program, Brian Tracy takes us through a simple, proven step-by-step system that we can use immediately to achieve anything we really want in life. It is based on three decades of experience and backed-up with plenty of research.

Each step culminates in three ways to apply that step the very same day which gives the program a sense of personal context and immediate applicability. Each step is highly charged with wisdom by itself yet reinforces all the other subsequent steps.

One clear example that gave a profound sense of goal setting for me was the comparison to homing pigeons: No matter where they start, they know their target and will get there!

What I also love is the fact Brian advances on the spiritual aspect with this program as well, his experiences and research tells us how to unlock the powers of our subconscious and superconscious minds. “The Ultimate Goals Program” teaches us to tap into these potent, unlimited powers, and to use them in a constructive, down-to-earth way that yields results.

There might be some repetitiveness within the program, however that’s no bad thing considering it takes repetition to really learn anything properly, ie.“repetition is the mother of learning”. Getting familiar with Brian’s work is no different, it helps us remember how repetition turns skills into habits that we can soon enough truly call our own “second nature”.


The starting point of great success is when you decide to sit down and write down exactly what you really desire, in every area of your life. The Ultimate Goals Program will show you how to do this and how to step on the accelerator of your own life to achieve this in record time.

This fast-moving, engaging and highly practical program, has success guru Brian Tracy sharing the cream of 30 years of research and experience in setting and achieving goals.

This program consists of 8 audio CDs and a useful workbook.

I think this is an excellent program to have on your smartphone to listen to on a daily basis or whenever a good pep talk is needed. Listen with an open mind and allow Brian to motivate you to the next level!

Program Rating: 9/10

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Favourite quotes: 

  • “No one is better than you, and no one is smarter than you. If someone is doing better than you, it is because they have a skill you do not. You just need to learn what they are doing good and you will be as successful as they are at that task.” 
  • “Success is goals; the rest is commentary.” 
  • “Any plan is better than no plan at all.” 
  • “Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.” 
  • “You become what you think about, most of the time.”

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I love getting the best out of people, igniting their wish to improve themselves using their own strength as it also pushes me to keep in touch with my own highest aspirations in life. My spiritual journey started when life forced me to 'wake up', with a somewhat uncomfortable reality check. Now, I am in the process of reshaping myself, my life and finding a whole new person along the way together with the meaning that makes it all worthwhile. Join me on the adventure of a lifetime, let’s transform!
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